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Is Leadership Art or Science or Both?
Written by Björn Otto on Jan. 11th 2020
Do you know that on any team, in any organization, all responsibilities for success and failure rests with the leader?

One thing first: Leadership is the most challenging and, therefore, the most gratifying undertaking of all. Also there is never a guarantee of success. And yet it is one of the most important challenges for success. Do you agree?

The Military Way

Some of you know that I spent some time in the army in a leadership position. What has made a lasting impression on me to this day are the structures and processes created there, which can also be applied in the non-military world, or rather are based on them.

The Management process is a structured process of thought and action that runs continuously at all levels of military leadership. And also, or especially, in the business world, this process is crucial in order to be able to lead at all.
How Does it Work

This process build on each other and enable consistent thinking and action. Closely interwoven, they repeat and complement each other. Constant situation analysis recognises changes and evaluates them. The evaluation serves to prepare decisions and plan alternative courses of action, which culminate in a decision. The decision is the core of the subsequent command, which also coordinates the cooperation of the subordinate troops who depend on it. Already during the preparation of the decision, the troops can be oriented through preliminary orders and prepared for new orders at an early stage. With the control that follows each issuance of orders, the control cycle closes, since the knowledge gained in the course of the control flows back into the situation assessment in order to be evaluated again.

Needed Leadership Skills

Are leaders born or made? Decide yourself but I think that if the right mind-set is given everything is possible. Leaders may not always be the one who generate success, but they are responsible for their team success. 

Some (for me) important success factors for true leaders:
- always take responsibility
- are self-confident but not cocky
- make no excuses
- understand leadership as teamwork
- make decisions even when not all information is known
- allow themselves to be led even by subordinates
Lead to Win

This process or better attitude empowers those teams to dominate their business by enabling leaders to fulfill their purpose: Lead and Win 

This is given if the leader startet to work out of the job. He doesn´t need to be involved anymore in any minor details of it´s team decisions and is able to focus on the overall strategy. Never let your ego or personal agenda become more important than the team and the mission. The performance would suffer and most probably fail.

Can any person develop into a highly effective leader? Absolutely yes! But there is no shortcut, you have to work everything out for yourself.
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About the Author
Björn Otto, born on 07 August 1979, is an environmental engineer and passionate marketer. 

He recognized early on his passion for explaining things and facts as well as selling and marketing them convincingly.
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